Saturday, April 24, 2010

Play Ball and wear your clothes please!

Well just because it is a hot topic and I have 45 minutes until the next game… My brain is buzzing.  Seriously, too much fresh air for me.  It has been a bright day full of baseball bliss.  One more game to go.  Our nine year olds take the field shortly. 

So here is my observation:  Really, mothers who let it all hang loose should not be allowed at the field and fathers who are bossy pants to their women and their kids should also have to sit the game out. Ok, now I feel better.  Honestly, I try not to judge, I realize that we are all doing the best we can with what we have.  But, But there is always a but and this one is…. After giving birth to babes, getting your sexy on should not be for all to see at the baseball field.  I am not opposed to sexy - -  but boobs, jewels, short shorts and skin, lots of skin isn’t necessary as you cheer your little guy on.  And dads who boss their kids from the side lines is a tough call.  I imagine they are just trying to give constructive, instructive play with swear words and some screaming but hmmm... I think a different approach might actually “speak” to the child…. And we wonder why our youth is in trouble? 

Say a prayer peeps,  we all need it.
Play ball!

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