Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is Inner Diva the same as Inner Philosopher?

Today I had lunch with a great philosopher, how many of you could ever say that? I ate with Andrew Pessin, Ph.D , author and philosopher. It was wonderful. You must run to your local library and check out “The God Question” and “The 60- second philosopher”. Of course as a faithful reader you know of my love for the Library, but of course Andrew would want you to support his kid’s college fund (ages 4,2 and 7 months) Either way – pick up a copy. You can be jealous of me, I have autographed copies.

Andy (as I like to call him) talked about finding your “Inner Philosopher”. As children we are natural philosophers we question, we think, we try to find our place in this world and navigate new discoveries and concepts… as adults we let our lives get in the way and we stop looking at life with that inquisitive passion. We stop asking questions and more importantly we stop looking at the answers and digging deeper and deeper, face value becomes our standard. Andy (my BFF) talked about philosophy in the most basic way. He challenged us to activate and strengthen our inner philosopher and he swears it will open our hearts. In addition to big fuzzy hearts… we may gain a more clear perspective, a deeper understanding of ourselves and heck, we might even become better communicators!

Andrew was a wonderful speaker and lunch date. He was witty and warm. I can’t wait to dive into his books and I know the World’s Greatest Husband is going to love, LOVE, LOVE them!

So before my kids come home from dinner with their dad, I am going to go examine ….why is the sky blue?

Hope your evening sizzles!

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Paper Mom said...
how could I forget to mention he has also been on David letterman and has chatted with my other BFF, Gayle King!!


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