Thursday, April 1, 2010

Get to know Paper Mom...

Remember that game on facebook - 25 random things about me? I stumbled upon my FB post and thought I would post it here...
1. For the first time in my career, I am fearful for my job. It isn’t an easy time to be a fundraiser.
2. When I was younger, I wanted to be the President of a College.
3. I HATE winter. I only have 13 of them left in me. When our youngest goes off to college, I hope to go off to full time warmth and sunshine.
4. I wish I could be more of a free spirit.
5. I love the Sharpie Marker. I was thrilled when the Sharpie pen recently was introduced.
6. The World's Greatest Husband has changed my life in extraordinary ways. I believe we bring out the best in one another. No matter how exhausted I am, my favorite part of each day is when our heads hit the pillow and we finally can laugh, talk and snuggle up.
7. I listen to NPR every single day! It makes me feel like a smarty pants.
8. The demands of five children can be overwhelming but my life has never been so good. Our home is full of chaos (I would like to believe organized chaos) and love.
9. If I could have my creative way…. I would be a “paper stylist.” I love paper.
10. Divorce is not easy. I believe I came out of the situation stronger and seriously--able to handle anything!
11. I am committed to making our little girls strong women who can do anything! Girl Power!
12. I live with “Michael Recycle” and I wish I were better at being green.
13. Instead of Dr. and Mrs. World's Greatest Husband- - someday I hope it is Dr. & Dr. I would love to go back to school for my PhD.
14. Rick Springfield is my “teen idol” even at age 39. When I was 13 I couldn’t imagine ever meeting and hanging out with him. When I was 34 we met, hugged, kissed and hung out in a hotel lobby in NY. It was one of the happiest days of my life. The funny thing was, I KNEW I was going to meet him that day. I just had a feeling! Sometimes wishes do come true!
15. I love a bargain and often play “guess how much I paid for this” with my family.
16. Our wedding was absolutely perfect.
17. I miss my parents terribly. Although their Island is a fun place to visit, I wish they lived here.
18. I feel proud when I finish reading a book.
19. A big Rottweiler almost ate me once. I had to jump over a couch and lock myself in a bathroom to escape. I’ve been afraid of dogs ever since.
20. I was president of my college class.
21. I start my day with a serious coffee addiction.
22. I wish I could be best friends with Gayle King. Her morning radio show makes my day!
23. I HATE to bake and I can hardly cook.
24. I sometimes cry in church.
25. My ex husband has tattooed his body from head to toe since our divorce. Now seriously, what is that all about?

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Julie said...

Great list - this is all so YOU! I can hear your voice as I'm reading it. One thing I'm not sure I agree with - you CAN cook!


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