Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ultra thin or Maxi?

The World’s Greatest Husband never fails me.  Now that is a BIG statement.  I really do love that man and every minute we are together is a gift.  He is a kind and helpful soul always seeing the good in others.   I am so lucky to have him next to me each night.  We have a lot on our plate most days and he is the one who gives me the strength to face it all head on!

This morning while having a somewhat lazy start to our day he announces he will go to the grocery store to pick up the 5-10 items I forgot with my online grocery shopping.   I am grateful because I’ve become used to the click and send form of grocery shopping.  On the list…. Maxi pads… I absolutely  give him an out.  I let him back off, back down and say no…. but my loving husband confidently says “I’ve got this” he then adds…. “But give me details so I don’t have to stand there trying to compare, give me the brand and the model you want.”  I nearly busted a gut when the man asked for the MODEL of feminine napkin!  It’s amazing that man and woman survive on this planet – we truly think differently….

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