Friday, April 30, 2010

Five for Friday (or 25)

Five for Friday
Change up…
I know I usually post five great things about today on Fridays.  Today I am changing it up… The World’s Greatest Husband and I played a little game about a year ago… we made lists…. A list of 100 things I love.  He made one and I made one… It was fun –

Here are my first 25 – I don’t want to bore you with 100 but I encourage you to play this game with your spouse… He studied the list, took note and many happy things came out of my sharing 100 things.

  1. Always having panty hose in the drawer
  2. Mail from family and friends
  3. A vacuumed car
  4. Forehead kisses
  5. Catalogs
  6. Gerber daisies
  7. Talking to my mom
  8. New jammies
  9. Entertainment Tonight
  10. Sharpie Markers and wet pens
  11. NPR
  12. Fresh clean sheets
  13. Having cash in my wallet
  14. A bargain
  15. Bubble bath
  16. Full tank of gas
  17. Skinny dipping in the pool
  18. Going to the craft store with no kids and money!
  19. The Sunday paper with circulars
  20. Oprah and Gayle
  21. Airports
  22. Hot, hot showers
  23. Receiving Christmas cards
  24. Hydrangea
  25. Marco Island Walgreens
What 100 things do you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE?

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